The main activity of the company is the development of IT solutions for agricultural sector. The company is building and developing the system of performance management AgroSmart for elevators, farmers and companies engaged in storage and research. System is designated for business management accounting, it integrates all processes, automates the mechanical work, management of suppliers, buyers, laboratories, warehouse and submits reports to management. Invested funds are used for product development for export markets.
Manager of the company Augustas Aliešiūnas was nominated the Young businessman of 2010.
Eruditus, UAB
Company develops tools for virtual learning and e-teaching content distribution and monetization that are incorporated in social networking environments. The main mission of UAB "Eruditus" is to create a comfortable and welcoming learning environment in social networks, which would maximise social networking environmental benefits and would be able to help to learn much more quickly and efficiently.
Mademaster, UAB
The company is engaged in automated equipment production. Invested funds are used for development.

Prekybos centras internete, UAB
GETSHOPIN is a professional, easy-to-use e-commerce tool for a small and medium business.
ProBiosSanus, UAB
Company of probiotic cleaning and anti-allergic body care products production. Investments are designed for probiotic home care production line establisment in Lithuania.
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