Investment criteria
( 1 ) The company is active in the market for at least 1.5 year, production or services are produced (created) in Lithuania, necessary initial investments is up to EUR 600 000 and additional investments is up to EUR 600 000;
( 2 ) Owners and management of the company have clear business expansion plan oriented to export;
( 3 ) Management team has necessary business development experience;
( 4 ) Owners are ready to cooperate with representatives of the Fund and Business Angel, work together in strategic management team and share actual financial and business information;
( 5 ) Future returns and relevant risk level is acceptable to Fund and Business Angel.
Investment areas
Investment targets are all the production and service companies with some exceptions (see „Exceptions“).
The priority will be set on the companies that operate in Lithuania and focus their activities to export markets.
Priority sectors are:
    -  innovative technologies,
    -  B2B and B2C,
    -  telecommunications,
    -  information technologies,
    -  biotechnologies (except business related to man cloning and linked activities),
    -  production of high value added components and to other companies which are related to technologies, that save nature, technologies that are grounded by scientific research and innovations.
Companies of traditional industries will also be the potential investment targets: production of food, textile, processing of metal and other companies that will provide economically perspective business plan.
The Fund will invest into companies the value of which can be significantly increased by:
    - strenghening their management, attracting experts and specialists from relevant business,
    -  improving business effectivness and implementing expansion,
   -  acquiring and retaining licenses and continuing scientific research activities, having commercial potential,
    -  strengthening balance sheet of the company.
The Fund is interested in companies, that have market for their products, services and need additional financing and knowledge for expansion.
Exceptions. The Fund will not invest into the companies that:
 - pollute and harm nature, health and safety,
- are primarily engaged in the manufacture, supply or trade in arms,
- produce tobacco and alcohol,
- are in cazino activities or other gambling services,
- are in human cloning and related activities,
- are in fishery, aquaculture and agricultural products,
- are in development of real estate,
-  are in financial difficulties.
Investment process
After receiving investment proposal, the Fund will check if it satisfies the main investment criteria, (see. Investment criteria). If the project does not fit the criteria, the company will get the answer with explanation from the Fund.
When the proposal satisfies the main criteria, the Fund representatives initiate meeting with the founders of the company and will discuss in detail its business plan.
When business plan meets Fund’s return on investment criteria and management team is strong enough to implement business plan, then:
- negotiations with business owners are being held, at the same time the Fund is looking for Business Angel,
 - parties sign Term Sheet disclosing the main investment terms,
 - legal and financial Due Diligence are being performed,
 - negotiations about final price of shares are being held, Investment, Shareholders and Share Purchase Agreements are signed.
Activities after acquisition
The Fund and shareholders establish Board, consisting of Business Angel, representatives of the Fund and shareholders. The Board and management of the company meet on regular basis to discuss the results of business plan implementation. Partners take decisions about business expansion strategy, its changes and implementation tactics.